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Über mich I about me

About me

Hi, I'm Jenny Murin.


Have been working in the hotel and tourism industry for over 15 years.

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During these years I have experienced the beginning and evolution of digitalization in this sector.


I was soon fascinated by how rapidly and successfully the new  media, in harmony with a good communication concept, can change entire hotel strategies, goals and results ...




More about me

... To learn all about this, I completed a master's degree in cross-media marketing communications and developed my skills specifically in social media, campaign development and web design. 

I have now turned my passion into my profession, and my mission is to support hotels, hospitality businesses and tourism organisations on their digital journey.

Because one thing is certain: user behaviour on the web and social networks will continue to evolve unstoppably. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to make the best use of this advantage to reach a large targeted audience quickly and affordably. 


My unique skill is a profound insider`s knowledge of the hospitality industry, in particular the daily business of the hotel world and the importance of a good time management.

It makes me stand out from other social media and marketing agencies. This guarantees a time-saving, thoughtful and professional journey that leads you to satisfied and new guests.


I work with a small team of freelance creative people who share one goal:


To be engaging, honest, sustainable, authentic! 

We want your web and new media presence to leave a lasting impression!

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